Message from Founder Director

Dear Parents/Guardians

Thank you for your interest in Apex Life School!

Serene Valley School has been renamed Apex Life School. In addition, the school has become a part of the Apex College with the beginning of a new and more powerful approach to equitable education.

One of the most important responsibilities you undertake is choosing the right school for your child. Today’s pre-school children will be graduating in 20 years from now. We have no idea of what the world will look like 20 years hence. Yet, we are preparing our students for life in that world. Therefore, it is highly imperative that we motivate learners to become even more resourceful so that they will continue to learn and adapt themselves in the changing world. Apex Life School recognizes that each child is a unique and creative individual, and needs to succeed in all walks of life. Our aim is to develop children with active and creative minds, with a sense of understanding and courage to act on their beliefs. We believe in the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.

We are conscious of the necessity to provide our digital learners with a board and balanced curriculum that contributes to the development if a culture of inquiry  and constant review and help them to evaluate their achievements.

We firmly believe that knowing every child as an individual is the pathway to holistic development. Our programs are based on the research to teach in such a way that out teaching contributes to the development of a whole person.

We are a family of professional teachers, academicians, researchers and active learners, and are justifiably proud of our high standard and expectations. We aim for the excellence and know that each member of School can make a real difference.

Thank You!

Mr. Subas Neupane