Billing system • Bills are dispatched one week in advance for the forthcoming month. It needs to be settled before the 10th of each current month. Failure to do so, will result in surcharge of 5% to the bill amount.

• Tuition fees will be charged for twelve months. Food and transportation charges are made for eleven months. • There is no rebate for food if the school is closed for less than two weeks.

• Stationary items are charged separately.

• Students whose accounts falls in arrears for more than two months, will find their names struck off the school records. Payment procedure.

• Parents or guardians can pay the fees at the school feel counter at Kappan.

• The school fees can also be paid at a bank in which the school has an account.

• The voucher of the deposit is to be kept safely till the school sends a computer generated official receipt. Security Deposit The security deposit, is refunded to those students who pass out from the school as SLC graduates or those who have left school, provided all dues are cleared.