Our kindergarten is an array of fun and enjoyment, through which, learning is made to happen naturally. We adopt pre-school approaches based on the theories of Early Childhood Education and Montessori Methods of Teaching. It gives the child an opportunity to actively explore, investigate, create, discover and above all learn. We provide curriculum and program planning that covers all five of a child’s developmental domains: cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, fine motor and gross motor. With us, children can stimulate their imagination through drama, art, music, sand play and water play that form the core of our kindergarten teaching. We have our own curriculum to address these requirements.

• Our school curriculum from grade I to VII, though based on government-prescribed curriculum, is uniquely our own. To supplement cognitive inputs, we have embarked on heavy interdisciplinary introductions, aided by project works, simulation approaches and technological support. We have integrated co-curricular activities with the core curriculum so that books stop becoming burden to the students.

• From Grade VIII to X, our curriculum is the one prescribed by the government. However, we amply support the same with our co-curricular and project-based learning approaches and dwell heavily on computer-assisted learning.